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From Concept to Script to Production and Editing 

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Our Story

Desert C.A.M. Studios, with offices in Burbank and Palm Desert, CA, is an award-winning original Content Creator, Motion Picture, Television, Documentary, Commercial, and Music Video production and post-production company, founded in 2008 by award-winning LA filmmaker, screenwriter, video producer and editor, Chip Miller. Pioneer female music video producer and editor, Travis Miller heads up operations and post production.  In 2014, LA music producer and supervisor, Daniel Pomeroy, joined the team and handles film and TV licensing and music production.  In 2019, award-winning TV producer, writer, and director,

Allen Plone came aboard, focusing on development of unique, original creative content for the company’s 2023 -2024 project slate.  In 2021, GRAMMY nominee, nine-time NAMMY Award winner (Native American GRAMMY), best-selling indigenous singer/songwriter, pop star, and actress, Jana Mashonee, joined up to oversee female and indigenous-driven theatrical and content movies and television projects.  Other key members of the company include production counselor, J.T. McBride; and press/media coordinator,

Kit Gleeson; and production accountant, Carol Plone.  Desert C.A.M. Studios is signature to the WGAw (Writer’s Guild of America West) and the PGAw (Producers Guild of America); and holds membership in ASCAP; BMI Music International; American Marketing Association; The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and the Hollywood Motion Picture Council.

Desert C.A.M. Studios has produced live TV music concert specials for HBO, Showtime, MTV, FNX Channel, BET, PBS, BBC, and MTV Europe; indie theatrical films and television programs; numerous series pilots; national TV commercials; a hundred plus music videos for major recording artists; several released documentaries, and creative content for international streaming platforms.  The company is also the American representative for internationally-known Irish dance troupe, the National Dance Company of Ireland.  Through its local production arm, Desert Star Film & TV Productions, the company produces regional and local television commercials and infomercials for such clientele as Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant, Spectrum Television, the annual KJJZ Smooth Jazz Festival, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, the annual La Quinta International Arts Festival, and PSA spots for The State of California, The California Department of Forestry, Indio and La Quinta Police and Fire Departments. 

Film, TV, Content & Video Project Slate (2024-2025)

“Ride To Justice”
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Harry Hill rides into hell on two wheels - into a town  called Justice.                                    Will they let him ride out?

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Washington, DC Police Officer and Afghanistan combat veteran, Harry Hill, still suffers from PTSD - though not from a foreign war, but from injuries sustained in a violent armed riot at the Pentagon in 2025. He wants out of Washington to find a new place and reboot his life. When Harry receives an urgent letter pleading for help from his old buddy, Maxie Montana, a Black fellow veteran living in the California desert, he walks out of the VA hospital and heads west on his Harley.  When he arrives in a lawless, unincorporated lawless desert town called, "Justice," he seeks out Maxie and quickly finds out why his pal desperately needs his help. Harry also meets Catrina Cortez, who runs the town's only cafe, a Native American woman he'll never forget. But it appears that Harry has ridden straight into hell. A Hell... that may not let him ride out.  

A character-driven, road movie with drama, action, romance, a lot of motorcycles and a topically-inspired storyline in the vein of the classic biker movies, "The Wild One," the western, "High Noon," that pays homage to the anti-hero who tries to live peacefully, but to no avail. An original script by Chip Miller and Allen Plone, from a story idea by Chip Miller and Harley Hatcher of Curb Records. Hatcher is Quentin Tarantino's favorite songwriter, and he has one of Hatcher's songs in all of his films. 

Film deck is available. Completed script in active submission

"Justice" from the movie "Ride To Justice"Madd KD
00:00 / 04:15

Listen to "Justice," the title track for the movie, Ride To Justice.

 “A Stranger's Path”
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When people die because there's no one to save them...
droughted land.jpg

When crops die because  there is no water...


When there is no one to

rescue the animals from

the hell of fire...

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When a community

loses all hope... 

There is one man who hears...

A Mysterious Stranger who appears where...and when... he's needed.

                                  A mysterious stranger is reported to have brought water to drought-stricken farms. A                                    mysterious doctor saves dozens of lives in a hospital collapse. A mysterious cowboy                                      guides a pack of wild animals to safety during a massive forest fire. And when a church                                  pastor is killed in a small community, a stranger arrives declaring he was sent to be                                       their new spiritual leader. Who or what is The Stranger? Stranger's Path is a                                          contemporary drama set in the very near future, with twists, turns, an unexpected,                                        inspired finale, and an epilogue pointing to strong sequel potential. A well-defined, strong ensemble of keenly developed characters who drive a unique, sometimes edgy, often humorous, complex tale about the power of love compassion and understanding. Script and deck available.

a stranger's path for web.jpg

Listen to the Theme Song for A Stranger's Path. 

“The Californian” (Co-Story by Liam Neesom)

                                                Inspired by true and historic events. In 1869 Los Angeles, a successful                                                          attorney is assassinated in front of his wife, a former teacher and artist, and                                                  their children. She finds a letter her husband was writing but never                                                              finished, to an older brother she didn't know he had. Compelled, she                                                            contacts the brother who lives in a nearly abandoned gold mining town in                                                    Northern California, where he still works his defunct mine. The brother                                                        receives the letter and is shocked and saddened, but assumes responsibility                                                  to make the trek to Los Angeles to take care of his brother's family. The widow is taken aback that he is so different from her husband. Upset his brother left her in a bad situation financially, he suggests she return with him up north. Realizing her options are limited, she agrees. The trip is 

Cassidy Gleason on horse _ sunset #2.jpeg
californians title.jpg

hazardous and an eye-opening experience for the young widow, as they face heavy rain storms, a fierce snowstorm, and a terrifying grizzly bear attack.  Yet the journey provides an opportunity for them to learn about each other.  In the interim, her husband’s law partner meets with a railroad tycoon to inform him that the widow, who they believe has papers stolen from his office, has left the city with a brother.  The tycoon orders the lawyer to retrieve the papers at all costs, as they could expose fraud and illegal dealings that could stop the railroad from coming west and bring down a lot of important people.  They re-hire the professional tracker and assassin whom they had brought in to kill her husband.

  "It was our wedding anniversary. We were having a party. I was playing the piano, his favorite, Beethoven.      Then suddenly, it happened! Right in front of the children! It was horrible!" (Katherine Alderson)

Despite herself, the widow is charmed by the rustic old mining town and the friendly old locals who all consider her husband's brother to be a stubborn optimist who believes there's still gold in his dried-up mine. While cleaning his makeshift shack, they discover a note from her husband confessing to a serious crime he was involved in with his law firm, the railroad tycoon, a U.S. Congressmen, and the Vice-President of the United States, all engaged in a national railroad construction conspiracy.  The note reveals he hid the actual evidence behind one of the widow’s paintings in the event he was killed trying to expose the conspiracy. The painting he chose, "Class Room," was gifted by the widow to her friend back in Los Angeles.

  "I read what I need to read. Stars, the sun, rocks, water, wind. 'Sides, Pa never had no time for schoolin'.    He was a miner too" (Cassidy Gleason)

The assassin tracks down the widow and goes after her. The miner attempts to stops the tracker, but with the tracker's knowledge of martial arts, he's beaten unconscious. The tracker heads to the mine to kill the widow and secure the papers.  The badly injured miner recovers in time to stop the tracker but not before the tracker gets off a shot. The tracker goes to finish the miner off, but the widow pulls out a pistol, shoots, and kills the tracker. She pulls the miner to safety after an earthquake strikes, burying the tracker. 


In Los Angeles, the widow's girlfriend receives her telegram and is shocked by the message.  She removes the painting from her wall, tears off the canvas backing, and finds the hidden evidence. 


After the story hits national newspapers, government agents arrest the railroad tycoon; apprehend the Congressman at the US Capitol; and escort the shamed Vice-President from the White House. A month later, the miner, fully recovered, discovers a motherlode of gold exposed by the earthquake.  He rushes to the school house, covered in gold dust, shares the exciting news, and proposes to the widow.

Script and co-story by Chip MillerFilm deck is available. Completed script in active submission

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“Extension of A Man: The Music and Brief Life of Donny Hathaway”

A riveting, true, live-action dramatic, feature-length biography about R&B Grammy-winning singer and songwriting legend, Donny Hathaway, who skyrocketed to the top of the music industry and at 33, jumped to his death from a NYC high-rise apartment building.

                                    A theatrical biopic aided by the documentary perspectives of those who knew and                                          worked with the late Donny Hathaway, and who still question the cause of his tragic                                      and premature demise.  It’s an important story about the issues of mental illness, and                               the compelling tale of a daughter no one knew he had, who was two years old when Donny died.  As a young woman, she makes it her life’s mission to learn everything about her father from the only thing she has, his music.  The more she discovers about the brief, complex life of Donny Hathaway, the more she learns about herself and her own life’s purpose. Story and treatment by Chip Miller. Executive Producers Terrell Edwards & Kevin Wachs. Producers Shari Belafonte & Chip Miller. 

Co-Producer, Donnita Hathaway. 

donnyhathaway webpix.jpeg

Completed Deck & Treatment Available.

 “Zhohi Shoon-Kah”

                                   Created by Chip Miller and written with Native American GRAMMY nominated,

                                   9-time NAMMY winning rock star, actress, and best-selling author, Jana Mashonee                                       this unique character-driven action-drama feature and spin-off cable series is about                                       power and corruption, inspired by the 1958 Battle of Hayes Pond, an historic                                                 confrontation between the Lumbee Indian Tribe and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan                                       in North Carolina. Terrorized by the Klan for years, Lumbee tribal members finally                                         had enough, and armed with guns and sticks, attacked the Klansmen, wounding four                                     and routing the others. The Klansmen's Grand Dragon took refuge in the swamps,                                         became an alcoholic, and died a despised and forgotten man. His family and descendants swore eternal revenge on the Lumbee people. The story picks up in present day Lubbock, Texas, where our heroine, after being unfairly suspended as a detective from the Philadelphia Police Department, is finally getting her second chance. Anchored by a lead female Native American character, we heighten the audience's expectations and surprise them with the unimaginable and the mysterious. The story is fresh, original and captivating; it's topicality is frighteningly real. Through the eyes of a young, caring Indigenous woman and the hurdles she must scale as a consummate lawwomen, we experience and inside look at the politics of police - and the challenges she incurs using the unique mystical strengths she possesses. She must trust her journey is her destiny.   Script and series completed.






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“Golden Swan: A Harlem Story”
(based on the best-selling Double Day Novel, "Harlem")

harlem book cover.jpg

Based on The New York Times and Los Angeles Times Top Ten Best-Selling Fiction, the original novel, “Harlem,” by pioneer black television writer and native of Harlem, Len Riley, this theatrical or content feature film could also be developed and adapted as a Limited Mini-Series. 


A powerful story set during the Golden Renaissance of Harlem, a social and artistic explosion that lasted from 1910 through the mid-1930s.  The Renaissance began in New York, in a Harlem neighborhood considered a Black cultural center.  This era is considered a golden age in African American culture.  Our story is driven by the dreams of a young, poor, beautiful black woman, GENEVA, who leaves behind her sharecropping family in the deep south of Florida, to pursue her dreams and migrate 

north to the center of Harlem, then bathed in all its golden glory.  Many southern blacks came with the determination to forge a new identity as free people, and they changed the image of the African American from rural, undereducated peasants to one of urban, cosmopolitan sophistication. At least those in the Arts and the entrepreneurs, who all knew their way around the predominate White society.  Blessed with a light complexion and an iron-clad determination to make something of herself, she uses her fertile imagination to concoct a suitable background for herself.  But not so she could be considered an equal, but more of a need to be among the elite.  And she would use all her wiles and embellishments to become a member of the Black Elite in Harlem.  And one of those elite, was a successful real estate mogul from a rich Black family, a man who was changing the city by buying houses from the whites and selling them to the Blacks in Harlem.  Upon laying eyes on Geneva for the first time, he compared her to a lithe and graceful swan.

Geneva’s journey is a vivid portrait of Harlem in its heyday of jazz bands, tap dance, bootleggers, political corruption, it’s Black mafia, and the beautiful dark-skinned showgirls of the Cotton Club.  It placed the Black experience clearly within the bounds of American cultural history, not only through an explosion of Black culture, but on a sociological level.  The legacy of the Harlem Renaissance redefined how America, and the world, viewed African Americans.  But it’s also the story of broken black men and women who struggle to survive in New York's most desperate neighborhoods, still the victims of racism and discrimination. 

The book rights available through Chip Miller. Producers Shari Belafonte & Chip Miller. Co-producer

Stacey Blanchett. Associate Producer Allen Plone.

                                                                   The Author

Len Riley’s father was an original Harlem step and tap dancer at The Cotton Club.  He lived to the age of 98, never leaving his beloved Harlem.  His son, Len, made Black history several times in his short life.  He was the first Black executive at IBM, the first black VP at a top Madison Avenue NY advertising agency, and when he moved to Hollywood, became a VP at Motown Records.  Then as a pioneer, groundbreaking first black television writer for a network sitcom, he was brought in by iconic TV producer, Norman Lear, to write for “The Jefferson’s,” “Sanford & Son”, “Good Times,” “One Day at a Time,” and other primetime shows, including the pilot for a “Ghostbuster” series. Finally, Len became the first Black board member writer in the Writers Guild of America west (WGAw). 

“Legends & Lyrics Reboot: 8-Part All-Star Concert”
legend & lyrics title.jpg

                                                         A completed eight, one-hour live concert/interview series, captured in                                                                         Nashville at the Grand Lodge of Tennessee Theater, and at two top venues in                                                                 Shreveport, Louisiana. Each show was shot on six Red Digital Cinema 4K                                                                       cameras, in front of live audiences.  Each episode features three artists                                                                         performing three songs of their own favorite compositions, then sharing the                                                                   inspiration behind their lyrics.  Rich in diverse talent and musical genres, “Legends & Lyrics" is historically important as a few of the artists passed away like: John Prine, Mac Davis. Charlie Daniels, Loretta Lynn, Billie Joe Shaver, and Lamont Dozier, leaving us with their last, historic performances. Stars include: Kris Kristofferson, Jimmy Webb, Robert Cray, Dwight Yoakam, Patty Griffin, Randy Owen (Alabama), Michael Martin Murphey, Pam Tillis, Ron Sexsmith, Shawn Colvin, John Hiatt, Jessi Colter, Melissa Manchester, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Art Alexakis (Everclear), John Waite (The Baby’s), Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues), Keb Mo, Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary), Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket), Tony Joe White, David Pack (Ambrosia), Richie McDonald (Lonestar), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Amy Lee (Evanescence), Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra), Billy Joe Shaver, Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down), Kip Winger, Felix Cavaliere (The Young Rascals), Leigh Nash, (Sixpence None the Richer), Susan Tedescho, Mark Farmer (Grand Funk Railroad), mand more.  In addition, there are exclusive, never-seen interviews with: Sheryl Crow, John Prine, Alison Krauss, Garth Brooks, Ray Stevens, Diane Warren, Billy Swan, Rick Derringer, Bobby Bare, Billy Burnett, Guy Clark, and more. These artists have high brand recognition factor with the public, ensuring a solid audience base for the series. Chip Miller and Allen Plone Produced.  Levvy Carriker and Juli Ragsdale. co-produced. Completed and ready for delivery 







Watch Episode One with Kris  Kristofferson

Watch the Series Trailer to See the High Quality of Our Production

“Last Month of the Year”


                                                   Based upon the Italian tradition of the Christmas banquet called "The                                                         Seven Fishes" this family film celebrates the holiday by following                                                                several families as they prepare for the big day. Surprises abound as                                                           secrets are revealed, relationships are ended... and begun and the joy of t                                                  holiday season unfolds.  An original script by Chip Miller and Allen                                                              Plone, from a story idea by Chip Miller. 

children of albion.jpg

 “The Butterfly and Goliath”

butterfly image.jpg

                                                        An original, politically-topical docudrama, inspired by the true story                                                              of Lila and Rubin Stahl's struggle against political corruption while                                                              they began developing the second of their popular and important                                                                Butterfly Palladium. Based upon the book written by Rubin and Lila                                                              Stahl, the documentary is enhanced with dramatic live-action                                                                      reenactments, video graphics, animation, original music, public                                                                  record video archives, and story-related interviews with key                                                                        participants. Though the joy of a happy ending is still in progress, this docudrama is a testament to the evil forces that brought about the final ruination of a beautiful dream, The Butterfly Palladium, a dream of love and the essence of beauty. Story and treatment by Chip Miller. Executive Producer, Lila Stahl

Pre-Production Scheduled April, 2024

 “Life On A Fast Lane”


                                 Set in New York City and throughout New Jersey, circa 1962 to 2012, the little-known                                     underworld of professional bowling is the backdrop for this true tale of impossible                                         odds  and ultimate resolve.  A real-life story of hope that strikes at the heart.


Bob Perry, born in Paterson, was a child athletic prodigy whose phenomenal bowling skills grabbed the attention of the Tri-State area at age 12, and who sank to the bottom of life’s darkest hole, before somehow climbing his way back out and toward the light.  Shadowy older men loved to bet on Bob, in late night, after-hours “action bowling” - an illegal practice that attracted the who’s who of the NJ mob, including John Gotti.  Perry’s links to the Gambino crime family eventually landed him in federal prison, but not before his fall from grace.  He became hopelessly addicted to crack cocaine, booze, and pain pills, and ended up homeless on the streets of Manhattan for eight years. This tale of extraordinary potential, snuffed out by a brain hijacked by drugs and alcohol, is nothing short of compelling, shocking, and emotional. But Perry’s rise from the depths of desperation to full recovery and total victory can easily be considered a miracle.

With a stand-on-your chairs screaming finale, set in Las Vegas at the High Rollers Super Bowl, Bob Perry’s story is deeply inspiring, and filled with hope and redemption.


“Devil In Disguise”

devilindisguiseonesheet copy.jpg

Was that really Elvis I was playing with? That's the question in the fantasy tale based on true events recalled from an eye witness point of view of a young man who served in the U.S. Army with Elvis Presley during his basic training. The story focuses on a cover-up by the Army to sway Presley fans that the King was housed on a base in Texas, when they were actually hiding him in disguise at an Army base in NJ.                                                    by Chip Miller and Allen Plone. 

Script being completed, 2024

“The Marriage Zone”

Marriage Zone compsoite copy.jpg
The Marriage Zone.jpg

Originally written for the stage by Jeff Gould, this successful hit play is being adapted and scripted as a pilot for a content sci-fi comedy series by Chip  Miller and Allen Plone. Chip Miller directed a pilot with TV actress, Renee Ashton. Sizzle reel is now available. Script being completed for 2024.

            To read more on our future projects in development for 2024-2026 and learn more about our creative team’s extensive creative and production credits, visit our Desert Star Film & TV division:


Past Content, Film, Television & Video Productions                                  (2008-2023)

Desert C.A.M. Studios has been the production and post-production company for over forty-five music videos for a wide range of recording artists like, Marc Anthony, Trini Lopez, Jana Mashonee, Mary Youngblood, Bob Shane, Tyrone Wells, Storm Kaden, Madd KD, Terry Reid, The Kingston Trio, Diahann Carroll, Linkin Park, Milton, Astrella-Celeste, The Young Irish Tenors, Mercer Sutter Band, Old Sand Mill, and more. The company has also produced and released a history of unique films, original programs, and quality content for HBO, Showtime, MTV, CMT, BET, Disney Channel, PBS, Fox TV, CBS, and Spectrum TV.  Among the many highlight productions are:

Songcatchers: The Gathering”, shot in Santa Fe, NM, a Native American music and song concert special for PBS/FNX Channel featuring Mary Youngblood, Thirza Defoe, Tony Redhouse, Jana Mashonee, Alex Beeshiglaii, Sana Christian, and Native dancers, The Sampson Brothers.  Airs on FNX and PBS till 2024, and features special post-concert interview with actor/musician and Oscar winner, Wes Studi.  Directed by

Chip Miller.  Produced and edited by Travis Miller.

Rhythm of the Dance,” a PBS Television Pledge Special, stars The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors, featuring dancers Mike Byrne and Emma O’Sullivan.  The year-long production was shot on 46 locations throughout Ireland, capturing live dance performances in ancient Celtic landmarks like castle ruins from 500 AD; the Irish seawall, Isle of Innishbofin; Lost City of Clonmacnoise; St. Patrick's Rock of Cashel, Village of Enniskerry; St. Stephen's Green in Dublin; Kylemore Abbey; and Cromwell's Ruins.  Live stage performances were captured at the Theater de Tamboer in Amsterdam. Directed by Chip Miller who co-produced with Terrel Cass, Travis Miller, and Kieran CavanaughJames Earl Jones provided

opening narration.

“Encanto Del Caribe,” an international PBS TV Pledge special, shot on location in Puerto Rico.  It was

co-produced and co-edited by Chip Miller for Desert C.A.M. Studios, who provided post-production, editing, and sound recording.  Featuring superstar, Marc Anthony; pianist Arthur Hanlon; singers Laura Pausini;

Ana Isabelle; Natalia Jimenez; and jazz guitarist/former NY Yankee baseball slugger, Bernie Williams

Miller provided all the VO stage introductions and announcements for PBS. 

"The Kingston Trio Celebration" 2016-2019 PBS TV Concert Special with guest stars, Al Jardine (The Beach Boys), Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles), Barry McGuire (The New Christy Minstrels), The Limeliters, Henry Diltz (Modern Folk Quartet), Trini Lopez, Shari Belafonte, and Trio co-founder, the late Bob Shane, taped at the Avalon Hollywood Theater.  Includes interviews with Bjorn Ulvaeous (ABBA), Lindsay Buckingham, Steve Martin, and Roger McGuinn (The Byrds). Directed by Chip Miller, who produced with Travis Miller and

Terrel Cass.

"The Kingston Trio Holiday Cheers” Christmas PBS live TV concert special" shot in Tulsa, OK, at the Will Rogers Theater for PBS TV.  Directed by Chip Miller.  Produced and edited by Travis Miller.  Now an annual PBS holiday special.

“Rhythm of the Dance: St. Patrick’s Day Concert,” a PBS Television Pledge Special, stars The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors, and is now an annual seasonal program every St. Patrick’s Day.  Filmed at the Harris Center of Performing Arts, Folsom, CA.  Directed and produced by

Chip Miller and edited by Travis Miller.

“Diahann Carroll: The Music. The Lady. The Legend” with the 42-piece Pat Rizzo Orchestra and shot at the Annenberg Theater in Palm Springs, CA for a PBS TV Pledge special which premiered in 2010, and still airs in rotation.  It is Diahann Carroll’s final recorded live concert to a celebrity-filled audience. 

Directed by Chip Miller.

"Earth, Wind & Fire Live at Budokan"  a live concert recorded for television and distributed world-wide on DVD. Sold over 100,000 copies, earning a Platinum DVD. Directed and edited by Allen Plone.

"The M1 Garand: The Rifle That Won WWII. an award-winning documentary on the first automatic rifle developed, the M1 Garand. Written & Directed by Allen Plone.

“McDougal Street West: A Peter, Paul & Mary Experience” an Arizona Public Television concert special taped in LA.  at the legendary Bob Stane’s Backstage Gallery. Directed by Chip Miller who produced and edited with Travis Miller

“Donovan & Friends,” shot as a PBS TV Pledge Special starring the Irish 60’s folk legend live at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Featuring filmmaker, David Lynch; actress Laura Dern; Irish pop star daughter of Donovan, Astrella Celeste; and an on-stage reunion between The Beach Boys’ Mike Love and Donovan (first time they saw each other since going to  India with The Beatles in 1967).  Chip Miller was the Consulting Producer and arranged for the celebrity guest artists.

“Brian Wilson’s Live Pet Sounds Tour” shot as a VH-1 special based on the classic Beach Boys album, “Pet Sounds.” Captured live at UCLA’s Royce Hall, featuring The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, as a kick-off to the “Live Pet Sounds” tour.  Directed by Chip Miller.

"Danni's Tales" a children's animated/live action children's series using songs and stories to tell all about the animal kingdom, the Earth's endangered species and how we all can help save our planet. Original lyrics, directing and writing by Allen Plone.

“Deniece Williams: Act Two,” TV reality pilot episode starring R&B, multiple Grammy winner and singing legend, Deniece Williams.  Directed by Chip Miller, produced and edited by Travis Miller, in association with Williams Entertainment.

“The Sun Show” - a bi-weekly TV/content children’s series on health education, offered in an entertaining format.  Chip Miller and Henry Bloomstein created and scripted a 30-minute pilot and two 30-minute episodes.  The ambitious production was directed by Chip Miller who co-produced and edited with Travis Miller.   Chip also supervised the all-star music soundtrack and composed the show’s theme song. When the pilot aired on the Disney Channel, it won two Accolade Awards & three Aegis Awards for Best Educational Video Program, Best Original Writing, Best Directing, and Best Musical Soundtrack.  The series is currently in video collections in a majority of elementary schools throughout North America.

“Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie,” theatrical biographical documentary feature, released by Magnolia Pictures, first developed and scripted by Chip Miller at Fox Pictures.  Miller also appears in the documentary.

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The Core Team

(For complete credits & biographies, see individual IMDB Pro profile pages)


Chip Miller is an award-winning film, TV, music video, commercial, and content director,

producer, editor, and WGA screenwriter, as well as a music producer, illustrator, graphic

designer, and recording artist.  His extensive professional film and television credits

include: “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” “Tron,” “St. Helen’s: Killer Volcano,” “Tess,”

“Blow Out,” “Taps,” “Hanky Panky,” “Ghandi,” “Square Dance,” “Swerve,”

“The Importance of Being Earnest,” “Mortuary Academy,” “PNTV (Players Network

Television)” “California Dreaming: The Mamas and The Papas Story,” Disney TV children’s series, “The Sun Show,”  “Out of the Dark,” “Cyborg II: The “The Sun Show,” “The Interpreter,” “The Californians,” “Be Bop A Lula: The Gene Vincent Story,” “Karma Kula: Path of the Tiger,” and the critically hailed EMMY-nominated PBS documentary series, “After the Red Star: The Baltics, The Western Republics, The Caucasus, Russia, and Central Asia.” His live concert television specials for HBO, Showtime, PBS, BET, MTV, CMT, BBC, and MTV Europe, include: “Diahann Carroll: Live from Palm Springs”; “Brian Wilson’s Live Pet Sounds”; “Encanto De Caribe” in Puerto Rico, starring Marc Anthony, Bernie Williams, and Laura Pausini; “Rhythm of the Dance” with The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors in Ireland; “The Kingston Trio Celebration,” starring Bob Shane, Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles), Shari Belafonte, Trini Lopez, and Al Jardine (The Beach Boys); “Donovan & Friends” with Laura Dern, David Lynch, and Mike Love (The Beach Boys); “Songcatchers: The Gathering” with Mary Youngblood, Thirza Defoe, Wes Studi, and Jana Mashonee; “The Commodores: Live in Atlantic City” with Natalie Cole; “The World Classic Rockers” with Denny Laine (The Moody Blues & Paul McCartney’s Wings), Randy Meisner (The Eagles), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group), Bruce Gary (The Knack), and Michael Monarch (Big Brother & Holding Company; Steppenwolf); “Earl Scruggs: The Farewell Concert” in Nashville, with Vince Gill, Randy Scruggs, Jerry Douglas, Billy Bob Thornton, and Marty Stewart; “Paul Simon’s Graceland Concert” in Africa; and “The Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour,” in Madison Square Garden.  He directed/produced music videos for major artists like: The Commodores, Linkin Park, The Cars, LL Cool J, The Pointer Sisters, Eddie Murphy, Beastie Boys, Squeeze, Jeffrey Osborne, The Black Crowes, Peter Murphy, Crosby, Stills & Nash, MC Lyte,  OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), Night Ranger, Jerry Douglas, Gerald Levert, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Faith Evans, Shaquille O’Neal, Charlie Wilson, Little River Band, David Josias, Jonny Z, The Gap Band, Young MC, Marc Anthony, Tyrone Wells, Dom Flemons, Mitsou, Fancy, and Lizzy Borden.  His industry awards include Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Script, Best Writing, Best Music, Best Published Illustration, and Best Art Direction. 

Allen Plone is a DGA film, TV, theater, and commercial director, screenwriter, producer,

and children’s author. His extensive professional film, theater, and television credits

include: Edward Albee’s “Zoo Story,” “The Cage,” and “The Father”; Eugene O’Neill’s

“The Hairy Ape”; and Bertolt Brecht’s, “Baal,” as well as the award-winning, live TV

concert special for “Earth, Wind & Fire: 2000 - The Millennium Concert” in Japan; indie

theatrical films: “Sweet Justice,” “Phantom of the Ritz,” “Night Screams,” “When,” and

“East/West Blues,” the United States Post office promotional film, “Zip Code Detective,"

Clio-winning commercials for the California Department of Forestry, and documentaries “America’s Rifle: The Garand,” “Crocker’s Dream” and “For the Common Good.”  Children’s programs include the series: “Danni’s Tales,” “Firefly’s Fantastik Fables,” “Wow!”, “Three Sillies Episode,” and “Simple Machines.” He directed and produced music videos for McCoy Tyner, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Bobby Hutcherson, Sun Ra, and Sonny Stitt.  His published short stories include: “Rosebud,” “Response,” “West Coast Review,” and “Cowboy of My Heart.”  As an author, Allen has several illustrated children’s books in publication, including: “As I Sit in My Garden,” “Ned Smiles,” and “Music Fairies.”  His books are: “God’s Words: Bible Verses for a Loving Spiritual Life,”  “The Baron”  and  “Compassionate Eye: Finding Love.” As a lyricist, he wrote the content for 40 original songs featured in the hit TV series, “Danni’s Tales.” 


                                 Travis Miller worked every aspect of the production process, in film, TV, and video as                                   a Line Producer, Production Coordinator, and an award-winning pioneer female video                                     editor, as well as post-production, music editing, TV series art department coordinator,                                   feature film costume supervisor, and head script reader.  Her extensive film and                                             television credits include producing and editing over a hundred music videos for major                                   artists and directors, like: Linkin Park, Faith Evans, Tupac Shakur, Shaquille O’Neal, Charlie Wilson, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Crosby, Stills & Nash, Paul Simon, Denny Laine (The Moody Blues, Wings), Randy Meisner (The Eagles), Squeeze, The Commodores, Gerald Levert, Jerry Douglas, Percy Bady, The Gap Band, Dog Eat Dog, Jonny Z, The Bodeans, Gruntruck, Jeannette Katt, Tattoo Rodeo, Bardeux, Trini Lopez, and Dom Flemons.  Live concert TV specials she produced and edited for Showtime, PBS, BET, MTV, BBC, FNX Channel, and MTV Europe, include: “Brian Wilson’s Live Pet Sounds”; “Rhythm of the Dance” with The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors;  “The Kingston Trio Celebration” with Trio founder Bob Shane, Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles), Trini Lopez, Shari Belafonte, Al Jardine (The Beach Boys); “Trini Lopez: Unplugged at Cal State”;  “The World Classic Rockers” with Denny Laine (The Moody Blues, Paul McCartney’s Wings), Randy Meisner (The Eagles), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group), Bruce Gary (The Knack), and Michael Monarch (Big Brother & Holding Company, Steppenwolf); “The Folk Legacy: Live from Backstage”; “The Tenors of Rock”; and “Songcatchers: The Gathering,” with Mary Youngblood, Jana Mashonee, and Wes Studi; Disney Channel series, “The Sun Show,” “Mortuary Academy,” “Out of the Dark,” “Cyborg II: The Glass Shadow,” “The Force,” “Above The Rim,” “Teen Wolf 2”, “House Party II,” “PNTV (Players Network Television),” A&E’s series, “Biography,” “A David Foster Christmas Special”, EMMY-nominated PBS series, “After the Red Star: The Baltics, The Western Republics, The Caucasus, Russia, and Central Asia,” and featurettes for: “American Pie,” “An American Werewolf In Paris,” “Amistad,” “The Big Lebowski,” “City of Angels,” “A Civil Action,” “Dr. Dolittle,” “The Full Monty,” “G.I. Jane,” “Good Will Hunting,” “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” “L.A. Confidential,” “Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil,” “The Mummy,” “The Rainmaker,” “Scream 2,” “Seven Years In Tibet,” “Starship Troopers,” “Tarzan,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Titanic,” “The Truman Show,” “Wild, Wild West,” and “The Wings Of The Dove.” 

                                   Jana Mashonee is a Native American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and                                               philanthropist from the Lumbee Tribe.  A two-time GRAMMY nominee and nine-time                                       NAMMY winner, her music has been in the Top 40 Billboard charts and dance charts,                                     and she sold over a million copies of her compilation album. Her hits include:                                               "Stairway to Heaven," "Ooh, Baby, Baby," and "More Than Life." She is the first indigenous artist to top the Billboard dance charts.  Her album, “American Indian Story,” garnered her second GRAMMY nomination.  Her music video, “The Enlightened Time,” won the NAMMY Award for Best Short Form Video.  Music from the album is featured on the Discovery Channel series, “Flying Wild Alaska.” Jana’s novel, “American Indian Story: The Adventures of Sha’kona,” based on her album of the same title, was a best-seller.  Her holiday album, “American Indian Christmas,” featuring classic Christmas songs sung in Native American languages was a critical and commercial success, and NAMMY winner.  Her album, “New Moon Born,” brought her mainstream attention and she performed at the American Indian Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama.  As an actress, she starred as the sole character in her debut movie, “Raptor Ranch,” which was an indie success.  It was re-released on all major streaming platforms as, “The Dinosaur Experiment.” For PBS, she starred in Chip Miller’s “Songcatchers: The Gathering.” 

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